Klasyka designu w nowej odsłonie - Meble Vintage - HS Studio na Wilczej 44 - HS Studio

Classic designin a new version

Vintage furniture at Wilcza 44

HS Studio - Henschke Art & Design
The owner of HS Studio Anna Henschke has been working with furniture for many years. With respect to the outstanding design of social integration and with a taste for colors she gives the furniture a second life. Carefully selected models are subject to metamorphoses, in which the spirit of the original original meets modern design. At HS Studio, we save the best of old and still extremely inspiring designs. We treat each of them individually, giving it a unique character. The culmination of HS Studio's activity is the selection of works of art for the interior. We believe that there is no better pair than good design and art. Hence the cyclical art exibitions organized in our space at Wilcza 44.